Time isn’t linear.

Time isn’t square.

Time is round,
like the cycles of the sun.

It is circular,
like the moon
in the dim atmospheric reaches.

It is folded,
like the creases
in our mother’s sleeve.

Time may be above,
our understanding,
but inherently,
time is drawn by love.


Light Writer

When waves make motion
Light touches the sound

When we stay a-floatin’
The present becomes now

When strength connects to breath
The rest releases to flesh

We are the heaven sent
Nothing more, nothing less

When scribbles turn to strokes
The least becomes the most

We believe what we know
Serenity settles like snow

We are open and we are flowin’
The ultimate knowledge can be sipped like a potion

Once a creation but now a sensation
The realization is the newest contemplation.