Time isn’t linear.

Time isn’t square.

Time is round,
like the cycles of the sun.

It is circular,
like the moon
in the dim atmospheric reaches.

It is folded,
like the creases
in our mother’s sleeve.

Time may be above,
our understanding,
but inherently,
time is drawn by love.


We Are the Vision

We are the vision. We are the mission. We are the completion. We are the alpha. We are the omega. Not only are we the present moment but we are simultaneously the rich history of past happenings. We are the infinite magical memories that will always last in our stories of befores and afters.

At the beginning, we were the spark of light that exponentially expanded life into the great timeless night. We were part of the first fires lit by our ancient ancestors. We were the gatherers that cultivated the soil. We were the hunters that sharpened tools to help us survive and thrive. We were the casted bronze. We were the iron that sharpens iron. We were the diamonds that scratched diamonds. We were the hopes and dreams that our foremothers and forefathers left for us to fulfill. We were the vision of our past great leader’s dreams; encouraged upon on the young generations that would listen and learn from their mistakes. We were that memory. However, we are so much more. We are the vision.

We are the endless mission. We are the complex completion. We are the current situation that is transforming and constantly remaking. We are the voice of the cities. We are the hands of the lands. We are as valuable as the Earth’s heat under our feet and the Sun’s radiance in the sky above our eyes. We are the vision that keeps progressing and pushing forward. We are the visionary dream that always makes more. We are better when we all try to be better together. We are a timeless breath in our shared chests. We are the vision.

We are the vision that never ends and that is perpetually remaking itself. We are as clear as the skies on an icy cold night and we are as cloudy as a foggy misty moonlit morning. We are the spaces in between molecules and atoms. We are the vision that always stays alive no matter how many of us die. We are a vision of nothing at times. We are the observation. We are the self creation. We are the deep corners of contemplation. We are the reflection of the star’s constellation. We are the vision.

We are the black lives that matter. We are what stops racist hate. We are the apologies for the white people‘s deadly mistakes. We are the vision of an incomplete ignorant instance. We are the tears in our mother’s eyes. We are the pain laid in our father‘s lies. We are the strength that we thought we never had. We are the gracious good to the sometimes seemingly boisterous bad. We are the vision, and today I shared this vision with you, to help us remember and to truly see. It is not my vision, but our vision because we are the vision.

How do we hold onto a vision that is our self, constantly evolving and living? Where do these ties of soul find its place of essence and what are the intricate phases of where it loses control? Today marks the day that most of us are reborn. That very conscious moment that we can never forget, forever intwined with every sensation, with every lesson, and with every reverberation invited or denied. We are the future vision that brings clarity and lucidity to our families and communities. We are the vision.

We will finally see and be more deeply connected than we could ever believe. We will be a vision that makes a difference in the subtle changes within the cosmic energy’s direction. We will be unequivocal, inevitable, and undeniable. When we reach our hands out, there will always be one that outstretches back. Never forget the connections that protect this very moment. Never scorn or mock the expression of an emotional situation. Never curse the magical potion of life’s chemistry. Never exclude the comma that splits a sentiment that lets us catch our breath, nor the dot and pause at the end of a profound sentence. We are the vision.

We are the full spectrum of light shattering, scattering, and mapping out our tangible realities. We are a concise life of wrongs that are trying to be right, tying into past spirits and future lights. We are the vision that makes our planet a little more healthy and green. We are the vision that makes us one with our forest’s sheen. We are the fresh breeze in the trees. We are the broken and battered parts of a scarred and tarred city. We are the vision of a forgotten yet reimagined landscape. We are the artists, craftspeople, workers, and dreamers. We are the creators, students, and teachers. We are the trash and the treasure. We are creatures of the seas and the birds of a feather. We are the vision.

We are the confusion in our self thought. We are the masculinity that is self bought. We are the feminists that has been so hard fought. We are the rich spectrum of satisfying gratification. We are the inner reaches of our best teachers. We are the vision that keeps artist creating. We are the vision that’s never too late to become real, to become tough like steel, and to become soft like a river of quicksilver. We are the electromagnetic aura that spins toroidally which synchronizes with the moon and the planet in tandem tides. We are the vision.

We are the differences in a canceled culture class war that will certainly end because we are the new vision that rewrites systematic racism, that paralyzes preventable injustices, and that says “no more” to nonsensical actions of violence and hate. We are the vision that cannot wait any longer and that is growing every day with power. To deny this would be denying the sun’s radiant nature, the wind’s graceful touches, and the rain’s blissful drops of renewal. We are the vision.

Today we see a pristine dream, that we are already the vision that we need to be and to believe. We are the vision of a planetary dream. We are a schematic scheme of sentient synapse and intelligent electricity. We are the vision of exponential love and peace. We are that vision. We are this vision. We are the vision.


The Return to Self

Hello my dearest beloveds, I’m finally back and I’m here to stay. After about a decade of exploring the known reaches of our reality, I have come back to profess so much love, art, understanding, healing, and universal consciousness!

I just want to firstly thank you for being so patient in-between my posts as of recent. I have taken the time to make sure when I did come back here to really give you an authentic and high quality content experience.

This leads me to my next and most complex point… where to being and what to start sharing with y’all!! My work, studies, and creative explorations range through so many mediums and across many years. Obviously I don’t want to overwhelm y’all but I do not want to leave one bit of the full spectrum story out of my creative narrative.

My gut tells me to start at the end for some paradoxical reason but that would mean I would have to show you my future work from the end of my life. Which may be near impossible in theory but I love a good challenge, and in this part of my life path, the harder the challenge- the better, and much needed for the type of brain I have been blessed with. More and more scientists are starting to agree that time is no longer a linear experience.

So let me bring us back to end…

‘Self Portrait as a Timeless Cosmic Being in the Ethereal Planes.’ 2017. Acrylic & Watercolor on Paper.

Here above me is my rendition of what I remember looking like for forever and for as long as I could ever try to imagine. I believe I am some sort of happy spirit, floating in the beautiful void of space time reality. Here I reside in the spaces in-between all the molecules and atoms of the lattice particles of strings, quarks, and quantum soups that we are just beginning to understand as the universal soul.

I patiently wait. Just simply being.

Some imagine space & dark matter as well… dark tones of pitch black nothingness. But in my mind’s eye, I see it as an ambient static of watercolor like pastel swirls of whites and light tones.

This here is my last and final form, but also weirdly the first one I’ve ever taken. And once I can bring awareness and respect to this enigmatic form that I’ve once and once again will have taken on, then I am able to really tell you the full story of myself as an artist and a scientist that has been materialized into this planetary dream that we call Earth and it’s subsidiary parter, the human consciousness.

Here lies my truest and original self. And this is where I chose to begin my story for you.

-Christopher Andrés Núñez Hickton Valverde Barry

January 03, 2021