Abstract Rose

This piece has been recently sold to a repeat client. Her love of elegant colors at a high energetic level have always led her to my most vibrant pieces. This one is a personal favorite of mine because it hung up in my studio for the longest time and at the local cafe also before it sold via Instagram. 

Cubist Oil Portrait 

New 18×24″ oil canvas portrait I started today. Jumping deep into cubism. May never come back. Gunna do a few more layers 😁🍰🔷🔻#NVNEZ #artford #art #paint #oil #hartford #cubism #abstract #canvas #portrait 


Storrs Center

Finally finished up my first oil painting! Took me a few months but totally worth the long haul. “Storrs Center” oil on 18×24 inch canvas. Brings my love of architecture, landscape architecture and painting all together. For sale.