Poem Art

With brush strokes and thin lines,

We take the much needed time,

To be loud and profound,

And draw our shapes out,

In order to say something deeper,

Via the self visual arts preacher,

With a higher contrast and a linear blast,

We seamlessly merge into future from past.


Gavel Passing

Explosive vibrational condensation

Dripping with the force of the driven

Cascading through gullies of greatness

Training for miles and days ahead

Forever folding and expanding

Infinitely spinning and dancing

Vulvic and phallic assassins

Restarting and then crashing

Cosmic excellence is the deterrent

Primordial soup churning and stirring

A kiss of bliss for your weary grin

A touch of heaven for your smear of sin

Scarred passions tangled with tattered time tassels

Tarred fashions mangled with splattered lines dangle

We will be judged like how we judged

To a masterpiece from a simple smudge


Dear Willy

I know you see these

I know you read these

I know you feel me

And I know you bleed with me

I understand you’ve had it rough

I understand living in this life is tough

I know we’ve made mistakes in the past

But the deepest grounding of love is rad

Supported by the foundation of curiosity

I know you know how much you mean to me

Intertwined like fine wine and minted dimes

We chime to time in unique threads and lines

Yet still woven with golden and soft light like an ocean

The natural knowing of our minds flowing is an esoteric metaphor explosion


Nothing Feels Write

No matter how many words that are spilt

Can bring me from the despairing guilt

It’s a feeling you get once in a while

It’s a thought you have to treat like a child

Woven in and out like an expanding cloud

Densely packed in with emotional sounds

A rumbling of deep murmuring mumbles

A chaotic cacophony of silly stumbles

A notion and gut feeling one can’t ignore

A commotion peeling from the self core

When is ‘when’ arriving?

When will some of us be thriving?

Universal peace sounds like a soft crease

What will give me that and how will it be?

It’s simple to see but harder to need

It’s nature to care but harder to share

My advice for self is develop healthy wealth

A decentralized way for golden value to help