When Push Comes to Love


You’ll never be fixed. That pain in your heart will be there forever. That’s okay. The fear that grips you in the morning when you wake will become your best friend one day.

The immeasurable suffering and anguish you experience is the tether to what’s real. Tangible touch is the express route to the heart. Hope and hate aren’t interchangeable but certainly exchangeable. 

You live on brink of failure; was the risk worth the reward? Even when you’re high, things still seem low. However, I heard that’s the best place to grow. Lay in the soft dirt, dig yourself into the sweet Earth, and ground yourself to the sound of the deepest vibration.

You will be forgotten one day. Your body will rot to dust. Your work will disintegrate into nothingness. The last of the atoms and quarks will dry up and come to a silent halt. But isn’t that beautiful? Doesn’t it make this all so much more precious? When push comes to shove, just remember to choose love.


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