An Empyrean Epic

When words are inadequate,

I speak in colors,

That shape our minds together,

As if clay was just enough to show love.

I feel the texture in you,

As you see the gradient in me.

I sense the pain that beckons,

Empathetic universality.

We take simple stone steps,

Maybe crawl out of a cave,

To the light that permeates,

Through every dimension,

And doorway.

Multiverse archetypes,

the spirit’s guide,

These sweet midnight verses,

Nudge aside,

Soft suffering sadness,

And incomplete hearts.

Bright tides of hope,

Usher in divine starts.

Creative community,

A need to belong.

A jovial dance,

and a serenade song.

A long strong hug,

and a shoulder that is strong.

Sit with that infinite silence,

And be awoken by a god.

Masterful meaning.

Vibrational beings.

Memory feelings.

Childhood swings.

Royalties due,

To the late-to-rule kings.

Love swishes on by,

As I taste the sky.

I can only wonder why,

I have the power to try.


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