Reflection Resurrection

The toxic parts of me loathes the rotten parts in you

The strength that shines in me is the light I wake to choose

My family is the world and my home is in the words

The gradient of perfection is the untold lessons, heard


Super Tall

When we shine with height
We share our might
With the ones who wish to be bright
Because we all long to have that light

There’s nothing wrong
With singing to the same song
Passing the love
And letting others feel strong

I say this as a reminder to self
To bow down our crowns
And spread the wealth
For one day we will all be felt

As one,
As us,
As love,
As simply being enough…


Echoes of Emancipations

I look over my shoulder. I see a whirl of bright but blurry scenery materialize in real time before my eyes. My memories of mastery are architecturally aligning into prodigious palaces and lush landscapes. The design of a vision comes when all the prime pieces pirouette into the perfect places. Only here, in this thin margin of extreme excellence, can we rise to the highest level of love and the deepest understanding of our unified and unjudged selves.

I smell the sweet grass dancing about me as I revel in the understanding that I am exactly where I need to be. Being actualized isn’t a far-off dream nor a non-tangible fantasy. It’s here, in this moment, beckoning at the threshold of our acceptance to simply open the pathway to a new connection. It’s that deep inexplicable fear that grips us at our throats. It’s that buzzing feeling in our sacrum and diaphragm. It’s all the intricate and complicated thoughts we see pass by like phantasmagorical whispers of clouds in the sky of our minds.

If I have offered any bounty in return to the planet, my furthermost aspiration would be the notion of infinite hope. I observe in me what I recognize in everyone else, no matter the level of intelligence or ignorance I seem to see on our surfaces. I am contemporary with my breath, allowing for seamless insight. However, I have eons of information to be humbled by, for I have only thinly sliced into the iceberg of life.

So, my dear beloveds that are the parts of me that I will one day see all at once in a multi-dimensional fractal of spirit jubilation; I highly encourage you to lay down your self-doubt, pick up your wings of glory, and take flight into the course of time that folds back over us continuously, like a never-ending exquisite quilt of ethereal white light.



With life comes thought
With thought comes dreams
With dreams comes ambition
Ambition drives your life mission

And with mission comes failure
But with failure comes success
Success leads to money
And well you know all the rest

With money comes power
With power comes corruption
But wait here’s an interruption
To always bring you somethin’

Here’s an announcement from our sponsors
An advert that might pervert
Your current train of thought
That is about to revert

Dear cherished viewers and listeners
Listen to science not ministers
Question everything because some fellow inhabitants may be sinister

Love every moment you got
Before the memories are lost
But you can always think past and learn from what’s been locked

In time, you will learn from mistakes
From mistakes you make haste
From the haste you develop a taste for luscious lips of fate

Don’t hate
Don’t wait
Make love
Dont shove

Look up
Look down
Run your block
Run your town

Make noise
Make sound
And always stop
To look


Wondrous Words

Arriving in the current moment, I am guided to the pleasant presence of the present. A train of ideas flash by with a screech of sounds so loud I remember who I am now. I am shaken and awake. I am gracefully reminded of who I was born to be.

Mastery comes with a light price tag, and the cost is a simple thing called loving awareness. This is something insanely profound but so cautiously caught with a bare hand and a pen. Mere taps on a screen and behold we have power in unlimited ways.

My words are wisely woven into the mesh of our collective minds. I will be that essence I have always felt I was meant to feel. Peeling the layers, often with pain, but always with an infinite gain, in order to be in the order of excellence.

We are shining lights for each other. we are strong structured sentences to lean on when we seem weak but wish to speak. But no matter what happens, we all deeply know that persistence of passion is a blessing of a lesson.

So be bold, speak clearly, and inspire yourself to be of the highest spiritual wealth.



I just want to take a moment to say
I’m grateful for being alive today

Let me make it clear
I wouldn’t be standing here
Without my family & friends so dear

So thank you, I’ll never forget
You know who you are
Which path along the way we met
And the blessings you gave me near and afar

I celebrate the truth in all of you
And choose to learn constantly too
I want to inspire thoughts and visions so new
And one day be part of the grand universal tune we all ring to…


Radiant Light

Sweet release and ancient peace
Universal emancipation, infinitely

Liberated masses made it through the mayhem of antiquated fascists

Time lines fold perfectly while
They beautifully assimilate passively

Once was told and taught but old enough now
To be emboldened in ones own thought

Aspiration and compassion
Direct remembrance of past actions
Inspires the future intellectual fashions


Stuck in Between

The left and right

Blue and red

The barely living

And the almost dead

Obese Americans

Scenes seen

Places unknown

Fake kings and queens

The filthy rich

The dirty poor

My next sip

The final pour

Boomers and zoomers

Unfair producers

Unhealthy consumers

Society’s tumors

People who don’t care

People who just stare

Friends who are foes

And worries that turn into woes