What I’ve Learned in 29 Years of Being Living Art

I am an expression that is in constant question. I have seen the deepest of painful suffering and the highest of surreal splendidness. My heart is not of just my own but also of a connected and collected consciousness.

I’ve learned a lot in my short 29 years of existing here. I’ve read volumes of information that could fill entire libraries. I’ve seen the worst and best art known to humanity. I’ve experienced the darkest depths of the human condition and the most divine connection to what or who we call God.

What I’ve come to learn however… is that the spaces in between the silence are one of the most profound gestures or statements that we can express. The pauses in our breath, the releases of the cathartic nirvana in which seek, and the ways we feel truthfully without self judgment… is the ultimate healing of love that we are and that we need.


Woken Person

My suffering is a thirst
To really know is to ignore
I see my separation first
That I crave more and more

I’m locked up in an illusion
I realized this second
I know the source of my confusion
The shores of nirvana are beckoning

For the third iteration
The previous were all in a dream
I rise unto this new sensation
And I dive into the conscious stream

If one chooses wisely
Seek to end desire forcefully
Student seeks from the highly
This cycle is a course, fourthly

I am not my mind because I am aware of it
Have we let go of the atman and ego
Five times until my life de-clings to the scare of it
So observe without judgment and see the suffering go

If you are it, then you’re actually random
The method is the dialogue in its initial permeation
This is but a mere sixth of the opening gambit
A simple way to start our budding conversational creation


Death of a Feeling

My siblings have died

My mother is no longer mine

My father went crazy and ran off with the tide

I know I am alone

I know I don’t have a home

I know these are my truths

And there’s nothing I can do

To change this

It pains me

That I have


For family

Maybe they text me

Once a blue moon

Once in a red tide

And once a yellow tune

Do I keep searching

For that burning need

To the ends of the earth

Or until my feet bleed

Where are the ones I love

Where are the ones that love me back

What do they look like

And when will I find that?