An Obese Hate

Requested behind the face of the internet
Overly triggered women and men
Spray hate and think it’s okay

When the truth can’t be handled
They fly off the handle

Trying to protect their unhealthy lives
Overconsumption of resources and self lies

Sure fat can be beautiful
Due to beauty being in the eye of the beholder
But is it fair that others get off to people who can barely get up out of a chair?
These beholders using an overweight ignorant face
To temporarily feel great
But how’s that cardiac arrest?
And all of that diabetic mess?
How’s it feel to be like a boulder?
And just shrug your shoulders
When you look in the mirror
Reality couldn’t be clearer

Put down the extra food you use to be in a better mood
Go move around and do something good for the future of you


Museum of Memories

Have you ever been to a place
that you dearly love
felt the echoing memories reverberate
like an empty hallway
yearning to be refilled
with new experiences
but knowing that
you’ll maybe never get the chance
to make new ones there again
like you did in the past?

Have you ever been jealous
of your past
of your old self
and what you used to have?

Have you ever felt so frustrated
By your most related
Waiting for that moment so belated?

The things we feel and see
Are our infinite museum of memories…


New Poem

This one may not be for all viewers
My words and new poems are like shish-kabob skewers

To your meaty old thoughts
To the ones that you’ve been barely holding on

The rivers run rich with sewer
Pay top dollar for the elitist tours

Paradox lessons teach me to be free
You see your own expressions clearly

The light of all surrounds me
The might of myself is profound to me
The power of love protects us
The presence of it divinely lets us
Wherever I am, myself is, and all is trust

I show the people where to take the power back
Where we rest at the crux of being good or bad

I get judged and I get to critique
A highly designed mind will always want to speak
This may be a dark valley but I already see the mountain’s peak



Monstera 1 – 2021 – Acrylic – 19 in. x 23 in.

Monstera 2 – 2021 – Acrylic – 21 in. x 29 in.
Monstera 3 – 2021 – Acrylic – 19 in. x 25 in.

My Pen

My pain is a gain
I’ve lived this again
I feel so insane
When I’m mundane
I know I can gain
When I use my brain
And stop being hazy
Got caught in a fog of being lazy
Kinda all crazy
When you think about it
Take a second to stop
And read all about it
Now I feel like I’m shoutin’
Am I a preacher or a sound fountain?
Here’s the peak to the mountain
How astounding


Lightning or Lighting

Is it the lightning or the lighting?
Is it the war or is it the fighting?
Is it the death that is the most frightening?

Fear is what fear isn’t

Clear visions are like psychic astigmatism
Premonitions is like the Holy Spirit
Touching the shoulders of spiritual Christians
Intentions manifested with wisdom
People who wanna actually sit and listen
Children caught in a mess of billions
I sense all of my trillions of feelings
Millions of moments made into a mayhem of meaning
Where is my foundation when my soul feels fleeting?
I wanna know the deepest reasons of my being…