The Rainbow Road

Building spires lit up like diodes of light
Streets filled up like it was the last night of our lives

Jovial jaunts and tantric tunes that flaunts generational songs
Big open lawns and windy sweeps of sea breezes please
Happy teens, reminiscent scenes of seniors reliving a mesmerizing memory

A woven fabric of lively folk
Who knew happiness would be the road
The only toll is losing the illusion of control

Genuine connections will be the renaissance revelations
There’s a full spectrum of colors for our maximum expressions


We Share We Care

We share, we care
Our homes and our lofts
Our fun little memories
Or the lessons taught

We share, we care
Our deepest thoughts
Our sweet little serenity
Or the blessings we ought

We share, we care
Our most scarring pain
Our tough to hear stories
Or the tears we’ve had in the rain

We share, we care
Our darkest insane
Our rough to clear storming
Or the spears we’ve used to claim



Never the same
When we face the pain
Never the less
When we stop to feel blessed

Pushing and peddling
Creating and meddling
Decrypting cautious code
We are living electric diodes

A full spectrum of waves
We are the ones who made
Life move forward
To bring down the grace

Life is a race
To get to that better place
Open your eyes
And integrate the radiant spectrum at your own pace



All the colors of the world are right
And could never overshadow your heart
Our bodies are made of light
There’s always a way we can do our part

In darkness and in illumination
A planet of countries and unified nations
Stationary creations
Turn us into tangible sensations

Love and hate
Destiny and fate
Patience we wait
No matter bent or straight

Symphonies of empathies
Orchestras of thought
Collectively creative beings
We can all learn and be taught

So dig deep
And find your peace
Because that’s what we need and want


A Blue Truth

Indigo balloons

Zoom across the sky

Like a soft tune

Cyan rooms

Help me find time to cry

When I miss you

The blue truth

Washes away the lies

Of a gloomy June