Forever Friends

Glimpses of glittering souls
A soup of alloy human gold
Just for a second
I am beckoned
By my senses
Slightly apprehended
Did I mention
The ancestral tension
That is holding us dear
But bringing us to tears
And liberating us from fear
To never
Again be friend-less
Nothing less
That we can attest to
For together we are our bests



Libations of liberty nourish us
Incantations of love encourage us
In the universe we trust
To the moon or bust
Harvest the sun instead of lust
A hug
Converse to remember
Sing to forget
Dance until September
Run until you’re drenched in sweat
I am fearless
I am strong
You are the dearest
Cause you know I’m not wrong
And reflect
Because the best is yet to come
Now come along


The Weight of the World

One slip and it’s all missed
One sip and I’m all misted
Just one more way to be expressive

When Atlas drops it
I’ll pick it up
Not just me
But I know all of us

Structured play
And indentured thoughts
Ruptured brains
All potential loss

Standing on the edge
And processing the sound
I am the gravity in my legs
Keeping me safe on the ground
They heard what I said
Professing to the listening crowd
Don’t leave this unread
Because the time is now


Light Writer

When waves make motion
Light touches the sound

When we stay a-floatin’
The present becomes now

When strength connects to breath
The rest releases to flesh

We are the heaven sent
Nothing more, nothing less

When scribbles turn to strokes
The least becomes the most

We believe what we know
Serenity settles like snow

We are open and we are flowin’
The ultimate knowledge can be sipped like a potion

Once a creation but now a sensation
The realization is the newest contemplation.


Unlike Any Mother

Conceived out of a loving dream
I am the living seed of a genetic tree before me

Cared for and nurtured with a little nature for culture
I was strongly protected and thoughtfully covered

You taught me and let me discover
You have been unlike any mother

Always inspired by the honest thought
A mama’s love can never be bought

Never ceasing nor ever stopping
Dropping it all so I could have my righteous calling

Graduated with some hard knocks and some tough scars
The finish line of success is never too far

Not prideful but being proud is the prize
I see myself when I look into your eyes

I am here to be the servant of love and the leader of peace
So thank you Mom for giving me all that makes me, me.


The Ghost of New York

Lurking in the shadows of the past
The ghost of New York haunts the broken streets

Cracked dreams offer a shattered haven for the old thoughts of memories beat

Twisting and turning
Scarring and burning
Breaking and mourning
Scaring and scorning

Withered into the weathered sidewalks
Banished to the crustiest subways
The flaming glory never dies