Meditative Light

Give back to the one that gave us everything

Breathe into the spaces that are nothing

See the light in it all

Observe the energy that rushes like a waterfall

Contemplate the endless pools of happiness

Feel blessed when need it most

Embrace the sadness that is inevitable


Dream 04/22/21

Every dream scene was a fragment of the deepest shattered and most scattered parts of my mind and soul. But as soon as I would become aware and conscious, the characters in my dreams would reassure me that it was reality folding in on itself. When I tried to become lucid, my brain tricked me into thinking it was just another day of waking life.

I would dissolve from one plane into another, breaking out of a tormentous situation fueled by the pain of my past. These characters, some of which I’ve come to know in life, took on the personalities of the ones I’ve loved or the ones I have become so afraid of. They convinced me that this was real life. And every time I phased through, or seemingly woke up into another dream, I could not grasp onto the reality of where I was.

When I finally woke up, I couldn’t distinguish if I had just simply passed into another lifetime or another dream. Not being able to cling on to a tangible and solid idea of who I am and what I am doing in a linear fashion broke the deepest parts of my foundation.

What are our senses if not but a mode of understanding energy and light; and is there any difference from a waking or a sleeping reality? I ask myself a question that may never be fully answered. 

I bask in the brutality that is this reality: pain, suffering, pleasure, bliss, and happiness. I am here to observe; but now, after last night, and for the first time in my life, I have become one with the observation, both in duality of the seer and the seen, seamlessly it seems. I am but a dream within a dream. 


The Ultimate Fate

I am the voice of our generation
I am the spark of light in the darkest nights
I am the glistening sun on a building window
I am the petals falling on a warm spring evening
I am the moon looking back at you
I am the everything I need to be
I am the more than you see me to be
I am the no less than we all seem to be
I am the grass and the trees
I am the whole and complete
I am the sour but sweet
I am the beat of the street
I am the brick in the wall
I am the stranger that picks you up when you fall
I am the friend that picks up when you call
I am the thought that can never be bought
I am the fight that one day takes flight
I am what makes the wrong things right


Peace, Heaven, the Number 7

Come bring me your rags
Come bring me your poor
Come bring me your wretches
To our lovely country shores

People died for us
So try, we must
Don’t give up
We do it for love

The ground zero for heroes
Are you a Julius or Nero?

Vibrado vibrations
Reverberate across our nation

Impatience is a complacent
Station for ignorance blatant

Pieces of peace shield
Our grinding teeth

Come be with me
Come be with us
If you really must
To the future and beyond
Or bust


Think Outside the Rectangle

Mad, enraged, infuriated, make way
Sad, engaged, complicated, make space

I’ll tell you what to think:
Think for yourself

Don’t tell me what to do
Nanny state can wait too

What is freedom if it’s flavorlessly forced?
What’s worse? A chariot or hearse?

Fuck off I’m not in the mood
Good things comes to those who are rude
Did I just confuse you too?

See, you just did it again
Disrespected yourself at your own expense and whim

Not a chance you’ll ever be expansive if you can’t think outside your little rectangle

Happiness and clarity is fought for and bought for
Because nothing is truly thoughtful anymore
A mind full of mindfulness couldn’t bless the hate they sprayed into our fate

Just wait
Just wait
Just wait

Just scroll
Just scroll
Just scroll

Deep pensive penetrative peculiarities
Treat extensive explanations explicitly
The soul has the vibrations of cosmic electricity

I asked for you to sit next to me please
I asked for you to cuddle my physical extremities
I asked for one more chance to be me faithfully
I asked for a rectangle to act circularly
I just gave back all that was given to me
I asked my heart to profusely bleed
And now I finally asked for one last thing…

Just breathe


Strange Tastes

Wasted on hating the complicated shavings
Mere scraps and pieces from the meatless
Beeping and burping
Sucking and slurping

Rich black and poor white
Gentrified nights of the urban slice

Ignorant and mismanaged
When I see it, I can’t have it

Faggots feel famished
Bastards blame daddy

Corrupt corporations are cunts
We are all once removed from a runt

Rutted, studded, diamonds in the rough
I don’t really want to hear about your simple life being tough
Enough is enough
A shove is a show of love

Prove me wrong
And I’ll prove your wealth
Let’s see how long you can fake your stealth


Systemic Fuckery Still Afoot

Homeless, God bless, anything helps
Shown less, godless, heaven & hell
Rome-less, godess, under a spell
Atonement, my guess, thunder just fell

I was, we are, so close, but never too far
Life does, go hard, slow toast, all of the bizarre

No stopping, show stopping, systemic fuckery still afoot
Pussy poppin, photo croppin, connection muckery has been shook


Disruption of Flow

Thinking, drinking
Mass produced blinking

Staring, caring
Idea of thoughts sharing

Showers, flowers
Colorful towering powers

Knowing, slowing
Winds of change blowing

Breathing, seeing
Lack of my perceiving

Needing, heeding
The wisdom is bleeding

Stacking, mapping
Stock market crashing

Walking, talking
Promise to never stopping


Complicated Complaints

Faster and faster
Looking past the disasters of the past
Time crunches as my mind dumps plastic thoughts that are no longer bought
My data is stolen, shot, and it’s tried to be controlled and
I know better to be aware
But how much do I care that others stare
How much flair will I display despair
Reaching and reaching
Deeper into the finest meaning
My optical flow knows what I’m seeing
But am I really believing
It all felt right until I was told it was wrong
But it’s not over until the obese female sings her song
Last tune for an out of tune generation
How many more times can we generate sin
And apply it on the next set of human blood relations