Vingt-Huit, Février, Duex-Mille Vingt-Et-Un

Be nice

Be joy 

Be friendly

Be a light


The trendy

To shine the divine light in your life.

Be truth

Be bold

Be faithful

Be a you


The playful

To shine the divine light in your life.

Be love

Be peace

Be happy

Be a hug


The crappy

To shine the divine light in your life.



A color is best met,

With a balanced heart and head.

I red somewhere to be grounded.

Orange you glad we are profound then?

I yellow at the wind’s bellows.

I feel green when I see the obscene.

The truest blue tune zooms to the moon.

Indigo I go into love spaces too.

I am violet light against the violence.

Ultra white purity calms me into silence.

Don’t look back at the black.

Because our grey matter really matters,

when we are shining at perfect timing.

Here’s to colorful poetry and fine rhyming.


February 27, 2021 at 12:57

My ancestral tie was broken
Like a snapped branch
Or a piece of rope
Too tightly stretched across
The Atlantic Ocean

But here’s to hopin’
To breathing deeply,
After chokin’
No more eating cheaply,
One token,
For a life full of meaning.

Now the light is beaming.
Now the time is leading.
Now the space is teeming,
With God’s infinite healing.


Ferrum Terrarium

One step at a time,
One thought before the other,
Before we’ve known it,
We have grown,
Behold it, dear brother.

You are showing,
The realist side knowing,
Glowing like visceral glacial flowings.

Not I, my eye speaks,
As my nose says no,
Pungent odor is an omen,
For an old scented soul.

Sentiments tend to lament,
Yet a true man’s worth,
Is sadly spent on rent.

What a travesty, says her majesty,
Such a royal breadwinner, for dinner.


We Are the People

Where there’s people, there’s power.

Where there’s fame, there’s sour.

Where there’s people, there’s art.

Where there’s an end, there’s a start.

Where there’s people, there’s function.

Where there’s form, there’s something.

Where there’s people, there’s a person.

Where there’s a steeple, there’s a purpose.

Where there’s people, there’s diabolical.

Where there’s truth, there’s undeniable.

Where there’s people, there’s reliable.

Where there’s enough, there’s liable

Where there’s love, there’s people.

Where there’s love, there’s people.

Where there’s love, there’s people.


Digressional Confessions

The old and new die away today,

Dichotomy of the day has to pay,

Slave wages for our generational pain.

Shame, shame, shame.

Wait? What did you say?

Don’t play. Behave. Don’t be gay.

You mean happy? Or in the sexual way?

Does it matter either way?

Anyways, I digress and degrade…


The Science in Silence

Silence is always a yes,

and a sentient killer.

Complacency is giving up to the dealer,

And the stillness is quite the filler.

Staying silent,

Is an overdose on a pain killer.

Nothing rids us of the pain,

Not even a brain chilling thriller.

But we can remove suffering,

Buffer the room for error,

End all of the terror,

And know that we can be carers.

So I care if you do,

I’ll try if we all can too,

Perhaps what we lack,

Is the faith to face the truth,

And especially speak the facts.







Milk in the fridge

Eggs in the basket. 

Metal cladding

Ancient tatting

Warm fires

In tribal fashions. 


And Jesus

Mary and Joseph

Passing seasons

Reasons for toasting. 

Bliss, peace, ecstatic rations,

Missing pieces,

But one day all ascended masters.



Trash in the streets, rats at my feet.

Socially distant dreams,

Crumble into the River East.

Stuck between two bridges,

Just a smidgen re-lifted,

An enlightened gift for our new vision.

Brothers, mothers, sisters, fathers,

This is why we try, and this is why we bother.