The Liberation of Fear and Guilt.

[Miercoles, Viente, Mayo, Dos mil viente]

We all like freedom right?

How about freedom from yourself? If our consciousness is mostly created by our own imagination, then let’s imagine a world without our worst fear preventing us from doing what we love. Imagine yourself free of any guilt of poor decisions or mistakes you made in the past. Imagine a self that is your most ideal and truest self.

Well that’s where I’m wrong. No matter how hard I try to imagine all the perceivably bad things in my life, not to be real or to simply disappear, they will never leave.

We are here to experience it all; good, bad, ugly, pretty, or heartbreaking.

I would never trade all the negative happenings in my life for anything. I accept my fears and what I may currently think as negatives, as a gorgeous spectrum that makes up my soul.

I love my fear. As soon as I begin to poor love into all the scars and pain, it turns from an uncontrollable nightmare, where I’m a helpless passenger, to a stunning art gallery of masterpieces, that make me well… me.

And I love that.

My fear will never leave me; and I’m here to embrace that truth as something intricately and intrinsically as a whole.

And thats the whole truth…


3 thoughts on “The Liberation of Fear and Guilt.

  1. Greetings,

    Your article is short but it’s very effective! Thank you so much for enlightening me with just a few words.

    Your article has assisted me immensely, and for that reason, I am following your blog now. 🙂


      1. It’s my pleasure! 🙂
        I am eagerly waiting for your future posts!
        Also, may I ask you for a small favor? Since you have such beautiful writing, would you mind checking out my blog? Your feedback will be invaluable to me. Thank you very much!

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