Late Autumnal Landscape


Digital Mixed Media on iPad

I think I can get lost in the millions of mindless digital art blurbs I sketch out daily. However for some reason this piece really stood out. As much as I think this piece is great, the more I look at it makes me wonder so much.

Did I just give it a random profound meaning arbitrarily? What makes something great or astonishingly profound? Is it the amount of time spent? Is it the meaning or intent? These questions are just a minuscule slice of the intellectual comprehensive pie of what I try to mentally consume when it comes to the arts, either in creating or critiquing. What are those key factors to being really brilliantly successful or making a ground breaking piece of art?

For this piece specifically: I believe it’s the overall vigorous and bold technique. The color palette is reminiscent of a late autumn or an arid desert landscape. Not one utensil or texture was left out in the creation process. The texture is unapologetic but respectful of the entire composition in its entirety. In conclusion, I believe it’s just as much as a person wants to give a painting or composition art value as what composes a piece of work.