The Id, Ego, and SuperEgo.

All done on Instagram Story with an iPhone 6s. These recent digital cubist portraits really have molded the style of art I’ve recently been indulging in. The three parts of the head are represents the three parts of our personality… The id, ego, and superego. 

Mind Bubbling 

Acrylic on panel board. This simple to minimalist Cubist portrait was inspired by the recent digital portraits i have been making on my phone. The colors are bright, the shapes plutonic, and the emotion…. well up for interpretation. This specific piece was created in light of a racing mind with bubbling thoughts of existence and self awareness. Never have I felt so perfectly in tune with how I feel about my life and it’s dramatic adventures. Enjoy!! 🙂

Digital iPhone Abstract Social Media Cubism Self Portraits 

These fun and liberating portraits fully allow my creative mind to flow. The abstraction process can be either really easy or somewhat trial some at times. There is always a level of insanity and mental barriers an artist has to break through in order to reach a free divine creation state when making art. I hope the more I create from this style the more I can find what I’m really suppose to be creating. Maybe the reason why I am doing self portraits in this style is that I’m metaphorically representing how I’m breaking down and analyzing myself on fundamental and universal levels… As expressed in these simple colors and shapes that I’m using to build the subject.