The Vase of Three 

Created this painting with a girl I’ve been seeing recently. She’s had some very interesting and feminine vibes rub off into my work and lifestyle. 


Love is a strange dark magic.

Acrylic on 12×21″ wood panel.

Love these flower vase still lifes. They honestly make me feel liberated ad I try to capture the essence of these dainty but regal subjects. This one inspired by a dark love of twisted sorts. 


Minimalist Spiralism Portriats 

Here are some acrylic minimalist yummy spiralism portraits I’ve been working on !! 

Enjoy 🙂 


The Abstraction of Sky 

This series came very naturally to me as it encompasses the digital abstraction process of this original photo of the skyline view in front of my yard. I love the soft color pallets against the sharp forms and shapes.