River of Life

Acrylic on 16×20″ canvas.

This gorgeous piece is a present for a very good family friend of mine, she practically raised me and is like my second mom. The symbolism behind this piece is that the river is knowledge and wisdom and it feeds the dead and burnt landscape. The trees closest to it drink from it and glow with life. She has brought this “river of life” to many many people in need. So happy birthday Jaime, love ya forever.


They Called it Earth [Prod. Xunoz]

This is one of the opening tracks to “Sunchaser: The Journey of Spaceman Xunoz” a full musical epic-styled electronic LP. Its a story of a hero who must leave his home planet and explore space as he embarks on an oddessy of self maturation, exploration of the unkown, and ultimately finding answers to questions he’s had his entire existence.