1. An Intro to Infection
2. Watch This
3. Buju Banton
4. Close Enough
5. Axe Mi No Questian
6. Out of Sense

This is my first EP. Not a full album but a spin off of Lexophiles. First it was just an expierement messing around with different electronic sounds and genres but then I started to add themes of the recent ebola outbreak and the political tensions that came along with it. Overall I wanted it to have a twisted and dark sound because I wanted to portray what this virus was doing to africa and the minds of scared americans. dont get sick my friends. happy halloween.

Betulas in Abstract

Acrylic on 16×20 inch canvas. Made this for my sister and her husband. The texture of the paint is my favorite part. The blended background of blue and greens is complemented with the streaks of orange. I loved how the white birches mixed slightly with the background colors.