Lexophiles Act III

Act III. Tracks 12-16. Take a trip into the shady and dark side of mind. Plunge into meloncholy with these melodic sounds in this act. Track producers include: J. Gro, Denos, Souks, Izahead and myself. Rappers featured include: Two Five and Dave Morley. Singer is J. Gro. Enjoy this chapter in the the Lexophiles album. Don’t get trapped !


This is one of the largest pieces I’ve done. Throw back from the summer that I didn’t get to post yet. Acrylic mural 8’x8′



Butterfly Bush


“Why do they call it a butterfly if it ain’t made of butter?”


Because even if it’s body aint

smooth, it’s flight is like sailing

we’re de-railing our

windy trajectories

but ailing at the thought

of settling

in. Time,

routinized, the

most fantastic juxtaposition

to our wandering,


voices. How can we be


we’re skinny

dipping in

perpetual green:

the kind of dream

that makes it

seem flailing

is a new type of flight.

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