I’m disappointed by pizza sometimes, because it doesn’t always get the job done.

The thing about beer is that it can’t go back in the bottle.

Cold mornings are for cold hearts, as they give space for chilling thoughts.

I’m usually warmed up by fires but I get too close and burn myself.

I like most foods like an Australian likes didgeridoos.

Nothing one does or leaves behind on this planet matters any more or less than anything else.

What matters is how one feels about oneself, because that will never go away.

We sit here on tides of good hopes, searching for a sunset that may never dip below the horizon.

We feel an immeasurable amount of emotional pain in mere seconds, and that’s something worth celebrating.

Just like the love of a friend; one who sees the infinite beauty in a mere tap of a key or stroke of a pen.


An Empyrean Epic

When words are inadequate,

I speak in colors,

That shape our minds together,

As if clay was just enough to show love.

I feel the texture in you,

As you see the gradient in me.

I sense the pain that beckons,

Empathetic universality.

We take simple stone steps,

Maybe crawl out of a cave,

To the light that permeates,

Through every dimension,

And doorway.

Multiverse archetypes,

the spirit’s guide,

These sweet midnight verses,

Nudge aside,

Soft suffering sadness,

And incomplete hearts.

Bright tides of hope,

Usher in divine starts.

Creative community,

A need to belong.

A jovial dance,

and a serenade song.

A long strong hug,

and a shoulder that is strong.

Sit with that infinite silence,

And be awoken by a god.

Masterful meaning.

Vibrational beings.

Memory feelings.

Childhood swings.

Royalties due,

To the late-to-rule kings.

Love swishes on by,

As I taste the sky.

I can only wonder why,

I have the power to try.


The Light Returns

It can be dark for only so long.

Maybe for a few chapters or a couple of songs.

Perhaps just while you listen to them speak.

Or until the mountain pass has sneaked its peak.

We are the reflections we deeply seek.

Trying to fit ourselves in the chic and sleek.

With all my life written on your cheeks.

It’s hard not to play for kings and keeps.

So I turn to the palm.

Deep settling calm.

The late morning sunlight is strong.

Why is it we try to find out what’s wrong?

When it’s been here all along.

Now I wake up to the sound of a gong.


This is Why I Hate the World

Imagine waking up to a divine existence, only to be greeted by the greedy deeds of the afraid and the old, hiding behind fake facades of fragmented facts. Imagine beginning your life on the doorstep of lies, failure, fear, and intellectual famine. Now imagine spending your whole life fighting for simple basic rights that should have been all along.

This is why I hate the world. Because at first breath, at first sight, at first step into this cold and unforgiving climate, I was thrown into a pack of wolves. Ones who were fed properly, and had all the resources they wanted, but what did they choose to do with it? They chose to use and abuse the young into their sick twisted ways of existing.

I openly chose to hate what is wrong in this world so that I can find ways to love what is right, pure, and just. If we aren’t strong enough to stand up against the antiquated fashions that have enslaved us for so long, then we are just as damning as the chains that have oppressed the generations of mistreated members of our family on this planet.


Poem Art

With brush strokes and thin lines,

We take the much needed time,

To be loud and profound,

And draw our shapes out,

In order to say something deeper,

Via the self visual arts preacher,

With a higher contrast and a linear blast,

We seamlessly merge into future from past.


The Mark of Millions

One man cannot stand
With out the sky and the land

A sea of billions cannot flow
With out the vessel of love below

Power is pain
My thoughts are in vain
Until the rain of my brain
Washes my soul once again

Leap with faith
And walk to wait
Patience and peace
A simple flash of teeth

I love you
We need you
I’m proud of you too
So come take my hand
And we’ll grow through the roof


When I’m With Others

This was suppose to be a poem,

But I went off and let these words be longer than I meant.

I saw myself in a home,

In the softest of thoughts and sense.

When I find myself in a crowd,

I feel strong and I feel proud.

Here I know I’m safe,

even if it’s for death that I wait.

Dreams are designed to be dreamt,

Money is made to be spent.

From chasms of roots in where I’ve been,

To a mountainous crown is where I went.


Iconic NYC Architecture

One Vanderbilt
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 24 in.
30 Hudson Yards
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 24 in.
Chrysler Building
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 24 in.
Empire State Building
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 24 in.

One to a Billion

There’s a dichotomous visceral feeling that arises in me when I look at these monolithic monuments.

One WTC in Blue
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 36 in.

I am inspired by the math and engineering that has to accumulate like an ancient scientific savings of timeless knowledge in order to construct these creations.

Central Park Tower
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 36 in..

However, I can’t help but to be shy of the ignorance of the stark reality of what these represent for our City of New York and our country as a whole.

111 W57th
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 36 in.

I encourage you to interpret how you wish; as that is your right as the viewer. For me, as an artist and an aspiring architect of multi-disciplinary fashion, my only wish is to portray the beauty of these designs to you!

432 Park Ave.
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
12 in. X 36 in.

May our year of 2022 be filled with radiant vibrations of strength and creativity, encased in a beautiful package of profound love!